Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanksgiving for Firefighters: update from Catherine Noorda

Tomorrow's the big day to go to the fire station. Hopefully we get a big turnout of people wanting to help! Here are the final instructions: There will be about 10 firefighters there, so bring food accordingly. the station is located on Oquendo and Decatur. To get there take the 215 to Decatur. Exit at Decatur and turn right or north. Go two blocks and turn left at Oquendo. The fire station will be on the left. We'll meet there at 11:30, deliver the food, and then have a quick tour. I'm excited and I think it should be really fun and a good service project! (even if you have not emailed me or called to RSVP, please feel welcome to just show up with a side dish or treat for the fire fighters!)
-Catherine Noorda